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Birding Safaris In India

Birding in India is phenomenal, with the country boasting as much as 1200 species of birds out of the 8650 found in the world.  Across the country, embark on a birding safari where you can encounter a myriad birds of all shapes and sizes.

Birding in India

    View exotic birds in India's wildlife sanctuaries
    Over 1200 species of birds

The Keoladeo Ghana National Park popularly known as the Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary in the Indian state of Rajasthan, in close proximity of Delhi, is home to indigenous water birds, migratory water birds, land migratory birds, and domestic land species. Tourists from far and wide are attracted to the Bird Sanctuary. At the Dudhwa wildlife reserve migratory birds like Egrets, herons, storks and cormorants share space with the ducks, geese and teals. The region of Andaman is home for the rare species of birds like the Narcondum hornbill, Nicobar Pigeon and the Megapode.

A birdwatchers' paradise, Chambal close to Agra is one of the best places to watch the Indian Skimmer. Some other birds you see here are Thick knee, Comb Duck, Ruddy Shelduck, Bar-headed Geese, Spoonbill and Greater Flamingo. Chambal is also an excellent place to view the highly endangered Gangetic River Dolphin.

Bharatpur, a five hour drive from Delhi, is a World Heritage Site and has the largest bird sanctuary in Asia. Waterbirds that migrate from other parts of the country include herons, Ibis, pelicans, painted storks, spoonbills, egrets and open billed storks.

Various ducks and geese migrate from Russia.  These include Brahminy ducks and the endangered Siberian crane.  Stretched over 29 square kilometers of swamps and marshes, Bharatpur has causeways which can be negotiated on foot, or bicycle.  The best time to visit is from October to March when the weather is relatively pleasant and when the sanctuary teems with birdlife.  July/August is the breeding season for the resident species.

Over 375 species can be found in the 30 square kilometer Keoladeo National Park situated with in 60 kilometers from the Taj Mahal.  It is comprised of wetland, woodland and grass land and is a haven for waterfowl, herons, cranes and birds of prey apart. Near Bharatpur is Bund Barettha which is a good place for specialities such as the  Indian Skimmer,Brown Crake and the Great Thick Knee.  A visit is a must for serious birders and it can be conveniently explored on foot.

At Corbett,  the forests are frequented by the Long-tailed Broadbill, Ultramarine Flycatcher and Blue-winged Minla to name a few. Brown Dipper and the Slaty, Little and Spotted Forktails are easy to spot, as are the Long-billed Thrush and Common Green Magpie.